// FAQ

Early Reservation?

Transfers must be booked 36 hours in advance, a later booking is only possible by phone.

Where you can meet our driver upon arrival at the airport or train station?

Our drivers will wait in the arrival hall (at Gate/Exit) with sign.

Waiting Time?

Due arrival and departure traffic shall be excluded the pick up from hotel, train station or airport reasonable waiting times not (up to 30 minutes).

Driving route?

Due to the current road conditions on that day, the driver will decide which is the easiest and fastest way to get you to your destination safely.

Driving Time?

The journey time is calculated so that you get the quickest and most convenient way to your destination.

Flight delays?

For delays of incoming flights from 30 minutes is a charge of € 30, - per hour waiting for the car or € 40, - per hour of waiting time for coach bus.With your mobile phone number on your booking form we will get in contact with you in case of delay.


Mercedes Vito (Minibus), VW Caravelle (Minibus), Mercedes E-Klasse (Limousine), Helikopter-Service, Coach-Bus.

Transfer cost?

You will see the payable fare on the booking form- this must always be paid via online or bank transfer before arrival. In exceptional cases below a value of € 150, -, the fare will be made direct to the driver.


Due to the force in Austria Passenger Transport Act, all persons to be transported must have a seat in claim. The result is that children also have to pay the full fare. Children safety seats are supplied on request at no extra charge.


Would be transported on request.


The price includes one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person. In winter, please announce ski luggage (number of pieces). Special sports equipment (surfboard, bicycle) on request.

Return transfers?

Please advise when booking on time. See Early Reservation


In case of now-show or cancellation the transfer without timely notification, there will be no refund. Another claim for damages or otherwise does not exist.