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Company info:
Oberkofler Touristik GmbH
Wiesenweg 473, 5721 Piesendorf
Österreich - Austria, Europa - Europe
Tel. +43 (0) 6549 / 20 421
IBAN: AT73 3504 8000 0003 4454

Company details pertaining to entrepreneur Erich Oberkofler:

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer (EU)
gemäß Artikel 28 UstG 1994, BGBl Nr.663 (AT),
UID: ATU 70 90 2507

Company: Oberkofler Touristik GmbH                     Organizer Nr:: 2009/0015

Form of organisation: gmbh              Register court: Salzburg

Register number: FN 452304 d                             Head Office: Wiesenweg 473, A-5721 Piesendorf

Jurisdiction: county court Zell am See

Oberkofler Touristik GmbH

Wiesenweg 473, 5721 Piesendorf
Österreich - Austria, Europa - Europe
Tel. +43 6549 / 20 421

Duty to inform in term of Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act:

Erich Oberkofler is a member of the Wirtschaftskammer für Salzburg and is authorized to carry in following trades
Section: Taxi, Car Rental, Coach, Travel agency, Incoming,
Section: Passenger transportation
Section: Diverse
Section: Generell section of business and trade


Applicable statutory provisions: as aforementioned, particularly EC-RL, Term of Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act,

Commercial law, Tax law 

Official control: place of venue Zell am See
Administration according EC-RL of the European Union: BG Zell am See, FA Zell am See

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Those responsible for concept & design (AT): 
INTERREST® GmbH - myinterrest Business System
Saegewerkstr. Nr. 3, D 83395 Freilassing
Tel.: +49 8654 4696640, E-Mail: office@interrest.net

Person responsible for customer care, sales and distribution & Key Account (AT):
Oberkofler Touristik GmbH
Wiesenweg 473, 5721 Piesendorf
Österreich - Austria, Europa - Europe
Tel. +43 650 8502501


Programming, full range of functions, hosting, technical IT support:

INTERREST® GmbH - myinterrest Business System
Saegewerkstr. Nr. 3, D 83395 Freilassing
Tel.: +49 8654 4696640, E-Mail: office@interrest.net

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Our websites are updated on a regular basis and adapted in line with current developments.
We reserve the right to make any technical updates and cannot be held liable for any errors.



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General terms & conditions - contract Airport Shuttle:

1. Formation of contract
Only when a booking has been completed and the details have been checked by Touristik Partner Oberkofler is the contract to convey passengers final. Such contract to convey passengers is not binding when, for example, the client fails to provide necessary details or the information given is incorrect. Touristik Partner Oberkofler reserves the right to contract out journeys to other taxi companies.

2. Booking
The booking of any transfer must be made online. Telephone bookings via the hotline may only be made in exceptional circumstances. The services rendered can be clearly seen in the description of the booking. Touristik Partner Oberkofler does, however, reserve the right to make any minor changes to services provided. The actual content of services provided is outlined under: transfer. It is set our in writing that at Private transfers the presence of a staff member of Touristik Partner Oberkofler is to accept.

All passengers must show a conformation of booking before boarding the taxi. Failure to present confirmation of booking may mean that the passenger is refused transfer. The client will be picked up either from his/her hotel, or from the airport given at the time of booking. Prices given apply for one pick-up address and a single journey. The price includes one suitcase and one item of hand-luggage per person.
On the day of departure, clients should note that arrival at the airport is 3 hours before take-off. Tailbacks on the motorway and general congestion on the roads have to be taken into consideration particularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The client is solely responsible for a timely booking. Due to the number of passengers on any one journey, delays are unavoidable and clients picked up from hotels may have to wait for up to a max of 30 minutes. All passengers are obliged to be ready and waiting 15 minutes before the real departure time from the hotel.

At any significant delays in the arrival of incoming flight Touristik Partner Oberkofler will wait 30 minutes (from official arrival time) free of charge. Euro 30,00 for Taxi will be charged up to the passenger for every entire hour more waiting time respectively Euro 40,00 for every entire hour waiting time for omnibus. Company Touristik Partner Oberkofler reserve their right to claim the open amount of waiting time and charge it immediately to the passenger’s account of credit card or payable in cash to a staff member.

Possible cancellations of regular flights or missed connecting flights 12 hours before transfer reservation is no longer bound by contract to convey the passengers in question. In such cases there is no refund of monies paid.
The passenger is not entitled to any further claims. Individual passengers can be picked up from the airport or hotel at other times, however, the price charged is that of a private transfer. Otherwise the arrival times given in the booking are binding for Touristik Partner Oberkofler. Passengers are obliged to notify us in writing of any changes made to a booking. Failure to notify us of such changes or waiting time above 6 hours means, that we are no longer obliged to fulfil the contract to convey/transfer. In exceptional circumstances – force majeur – and other such natural catastrophes including reasons beyond our control, and in the event of extremely bad weather conditions, Touristik Partner Oberkofler cannot be held responsible for any delays and under such circumstances passengers will be asked to put up with extended waiting times
Touristik Partner Oberkofler is solely responsible for determining pick-up times. Such times are fixed according to the booking table under taxitransfer.at, or under holiday-airportshuttle.at.
The airport meeting point agreed upon is binding.


4. Payment
Payment form up to Euro 150,00 in cash more is to be made online by credit card (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa) via the Touristik Partner Oberkofler homepage and is binding. Conformation of payment serves as a ticket for transfer from the airport to the hotel given or visa versa. Possible repayments of reservation done by online booking, Touristik Partner Oberkofler deduct a disagio of 3%. Current prices for transfers can be found under taxitransfer.at or under holiday-airportshuttle.at. Only in exceptional circumstances can a ticket be bought and paid for direct from the driver of Touristik Partner Oberkofler if previously arranged and agreed on the phone. A receipt of payment must given by the driver which is then valid as a ticket. Should the passenger fail to avail himself / herself of the transfer service or cancel the transfer, no refund will be given. The passenger is not eligible to make further claims for damages and the like.

5. Insurance cover
The price of transfer does not include insurance cover in the event of cancellation. We would recommend you take out suitable insurance cover for such eventualities

6. Children and infants
Due to Austrian legislation regarding the transport of passengers, all passengers must have their own seat. This means that children also have to pay the full price for a ticket. Should a child’s car-seat be required, this information must be given at the time of booking.

7. Jurisdiction
The court of jurisdiction should legal action against Touristik Partner Oberkofler need to be taken, is Zell am See - Austria.


8. Severability Clause
Should any of the aforesaid clauses be ineffective, this does not have any impact on the validity or effect of the contract. Any ineffective clauses are superseded by statutory provisions.


The privacy of personal data and therefore your privacy is taken seriously by Touristik Partner Oberkofler. We would like to inform you at this point about what data is stored, how they are used and what it means for you when you use the personalized services. To ensure the greatest possible protection of your privacy, it is a matter of course comply with the rules on data protection in accordance with the federal Privacy Act and with this related acts.

a) personal data
Information that permit concrete conclusions about a person, be subsumed under the term personal data. This category includes customer data, which may include, for example, information such as company name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
Tourist Partners Oberkofler undertakes to collect personal data only in accordance with the statutory provisions. So personal data are stored only in the context of contract fulfillment in our customer database and will not be passed to third parties. Under the provisions of the Telemedia Act, we provide you of course to provide information about your personal data stored by us.
You can use the Website without revealing your identity. If you want to book a travel service, it is your decision whether you provide mandatory for the reservation or booking request data and the addition requested data. We store and process the data only to the extent and for the duration necessary for the purpose, eg to process your request or to make your booking.
The transfer of personal data to government institutions and authorities are following only if required by law.
Provided that within the Internet offer the possibility to enter personal or business data (email-addresses, names), the disclosure of this data by the user on a voluntary basis. The use and payment of all services offered - if technically possible and reasonable - without disclosing such data or by giving anonymous data or a pseudonym.

b) non personal data
On this website with technologies of Interrest GmbH collect and store data for marketing and optimization purposes. From this data, user profiles can be created under a pseudonym. Cookies may be used. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of the Internet browser of the site visitor. The cookies enable recognition of the Internet browser.
This collected data without the explicit consent of the person concerned is not used to identify visitors to this website and will not be merged with personal data about the bearer of the pseudonym. The data collection and storage can be revoked at any time with effect for the future.
The use of contact of Tourism Partners Oberkofler.
The use of contact data published under the imprint or comparable information such as postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers and photos and email addresses for sending unsolicited information is prohibited.
Legal action against senders of spam mails in violation of this prohibition are expressly reserved.


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